Offer your customers more from their access control system


Build new business opportunities with your existing customers, or win new business by creating a complete, tailor made security system for your clients.

An access control system can provide your customers with much more than just a convenient way to lock and unlock doors. By utilising the comprehensive range of approved integrations available with Net2, Paxton’s networked access control solution, you can offer your customers cost-effective energy management, intelligent administration of their building and systems, integrated video management capabilities, integrated fire and intruder alarms, and much more.

When this is combined with the advanced features of the Net2 software, including Triggers & Actions, variable access permissions, and security lockdown, you can build a tailored system with a degree of simple building automation, to meet your customer's requirements. With the range of integrations available, you can provide:

Secure vehicular access
Integrating an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera into the Net2 system allows the use of vehicle number plates as tokens, offering convenient access through car park barriers without the driver leaving the vehicle.

When an authorised vehicle arrives on site, the Triggers and Actions functionality in Net2 can then be used to turn on external lights, providing intelligent lighting for a well-lit and safe space.

Easier access
Door and user settings within Net2 can also be tailored to suit individual needs, to keep doors open for longer periods.

A hands free reader interface in combination with hands free tokens provide an increased reader range to assist users entering an access point where the physical presentation of a token may not be possible, for example in a sterile hospital environment or for individuals with limited mobility.

Cost-effective energy management
Net2 Triggers and Actions and I/O boards can ensure heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting is switched off when the intruder alarm is armed and the site is unoccupied, reducing costs for your customers.

The Net2 energy saving readers can be used to restrict access to certain machinery, reducing risk to those on site.

Private, secure access to lifts
Lift integration and tailored access control permissions make it even easier for users to move freely around different areas and levels of the building to which they have authorised access, reducing the possibility for access to restricted areas.

Sustainable, scalable solutions
Net2 can provide centralised administration and control sites with up to one thousand doors and 50,000 users, and the majority of integrations available with Net2 can be easily retrofitted into an existing system. This means that as your customers’ requirements change and grow, their access control system and the functionality available can grow with them.

Find out more about the Paxton Net2 range here.

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