Dahua Facial Recognition BTM

System Overview

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to evolve the UK government advises updated social distancing measures for all individuals. Research has shown that bugs, germs, and Viruses spread easily in an office/work area. People spend a large amount of their daily life in the confines of the office where communal areas have high surface interaction, this increases the risk of the virus spreading. When a single surface is compromised, a virus can infect the majority of a workplace in a matter of hours.

Statistics show that 87 % of people carrying the COVID 19 Virus experience an elevated body temperature, without even knowing they are un w-well. It’s a key indicator, which is why body temperature measurement systems are becoming part of everyday life.

This solution is an effective non-contact access control terminal that allows fast accurate detection, even when used with surgical face masks. The system offers facial/fever indication in less than a second, and is accurate to 0.3 degrees with an audible warning on over temperature reading.

Required Hardware / Software

Wall Mounted Option Pedestal Mounted Option Turnstile Option
ASI7213X-T1 ASI7213X-T1 + ASF172X-T1 ASI7223X-A-T1