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XProtect Essential camera license

XProtect® Essential is video surveillance software for small businesses, like shops and offices, that require basic surveillance capabilities.

XProtect Essential is open platform IP video management software (VMS) designed for small, single-location businesses. It can manage up to 26 surveillance cameras and supports five concurrent users.

XProtect Essential is ideal for small businesses that require easy-to-use and affordable software that has all the necessary features for managing surveillance systems. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to search for and export video evidence. Search tools such as the Sequence Explorer allow you to quickly locate incidents from one or more cameras, simplifying the evidence collection process.

XProtect Essential is a cost-effective, entry-level product with a flexible licensing model that allows for effortless adding of cameras and system expansion.

XProtect Essential capabilities

Quick and easy setup

  • Configuration wizards: Unique software wizards swiftly guide you through the process of adding cameras, configuring video, scheduling recordings, adjusting motion detection settings and managing system users
  • Automatic device detection: A wizard scans your system and automatically detects connected hardware, making it easy to set up your installation

Cost-effective solution

  • Flexible licensing: Purchase XProtect Essential licenses on a per-camera basis in order to efficiently scale your system as needed and take advantage of new camera technologies as they come to the market
  • XProtect clients: Packaged with three different clients, XProtect Essential gives users of all skill levels the power to choose how to access their system

Easy evidence creation

  • Sharing: XProtect Web Client allows you to easily export and share still images and video evidence with other online users, eliminating the need to burn the video clip to a DVD or put it on a USB flash drive
  • Evidence viewer: The XProtect Smart Client – Player allows third-parties, such as law enforcement, to quickly and easily view footage of incidents and re-export the essential evidence
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