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XProtect Express base license, electronic delivery (includes 2 camera licenses)

XProtect® Express is video surveillance software for retail and small businesses with need for integrating applications, such as video analytics or transaction data analysis
XProtect Express is open platform IP video management software (VMS) designed for small businesses, especially retail. It is for businesses with one location, can manage up to 48 surveillance cameras and supports five concurrent users.

XProtect Express is affordable VMS for businesses that want to incorporate video into their existing business operations. With support for video analytics and third-party applications, XProtect Express allows you to create a custom surveillance solution with one common interface. Easy to set up and manage, XProtect Express also supports XProtect® add-on products specifically designed to help you optimize your store operations.

With flexible licensing options and an open platform environment, XProtect Express prepares you for the future so you can seamlessly upgrade and expand your system as security and business needs change.
Quick and easy setup
Configuration wizards: Unique software wizards swiftly guide you through the process of adding cameras, configuring video, scheduling recordings, adjusting motion detection settings and managing system users

Automatic device detection: A wizard scans your system and automatically detects connected hardware, making it easy to set up your installation

Cost-effective retail solution

  • Support for XProtect® Retail: Perform advanced data analysis with advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators, so you can easily maintain a comprehensive overview of store operations
  • Support for XProtect® Transact: Quickly perform a text-only search and view video of specific transactions such as transactions involving gift cards, credit cards, coupons or returned merchandise

Future proof

  • Flexible licensing: Efficiently expand your surveillance installation by purchasing XProtect Express licenses on a per-camera basis and take advantage of new camera technologies as they come to market
  • Open platform: With Milestone’s unified platform, integrated solutions that are developed and applied to XProtect Express will also seamlessly work with premium XProtect products, giving you a cost-effective way to expand and upgrade your system
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