Dahua Flow Control

System Overview

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the government have introduced emergency measures to control the amount of people occupying public spaces, to ensure social distancing rules can be maintained. Essential retail such as supermarkets have strict restrictions on people flow, these include maximum capacities in an area and allowing one in one out when this capacity isreached. These measures are enforced and manned by staff, which could potentially put them at risk of coming into contact with large numbers of the public. These restrictions will also be applicable in non-essential retail and other businesses, as lockdown measures continue to be eased.

The People Flow Control System from Dahua can help. The system analyses how many people are inside an area and allows you to display numbers in real-time and can link with digital signage. The system can trigger an alarm when maximum capacity is met and can link with a traffic light system or with a speaker/siren to alert staff/public the area is full.

Already successfully installed in various applications such as supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, petrol stations and other retail outlets.

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Dahua Entrance Analysis System

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