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MIC-7522-Z30B - PTZ 2MP HDR 30x IP68 black

"* Starlight camera technology with excellent low-light sensitivity (color = 0.0047 lx) and High dynamic range (120 dB) (to see details in brightand dark areas simultaneously)
* Exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor application including traffic monitoring(bridges, tunnels, or highways), perimeterprotection, city surveillance, and mining
* Built-in Camera Trainer to train the camera torecognize user-specified target objects, such asmoving and non-moving objects, to alert operators of unusual scene activity
* Edge intelligence with Intelligent Tracking and object detection even when the camera is moving
* Optional illuminator with multispectral LEDs that distribute IR light uniformly in the field (upto 550 m (1804.50 ft)) to avoid dark spots or anover-illuminated scene"
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