Our Vision

Our vision is to become the UK’s number one independent distributor of security products to the trade. We know that our people, passion and products are the three key ingredients to achieving this.

Our Values

We established our company values as a collective. We asked our team members to tell us what they felt our company values were.

Since then and each year we ask our team members to nominate each other for our staff values awards, highlighting where they see colleagues demonstrating our shared values. The award winners receive a prize, a framed mugshot on the wall, and of course the glory!

Move Fast, Think Big

No red tape or corporate codswallop here. We have the freedom and ability to move quickly with our ideas and to think outside the box.
Move Fast, Think Big 2021:
Shaunna Bowen, Graphic Designer

Know Your Stuff

We strive to ensure our team members have an excellent knowledge of the wide range of products that we sell, but that they also have the desire and ability to provide our customers with a fantastic service.
Know Your Stuff 2021:
Oliver Reyland, Technical Support

Be Extraordinary

We are willing to go the extra mile, not only for our customers and clients, but for each other. This is what makes our team great.
Be Extraordinary 2021:
Claire Godden, Senior Finance Assistant

Do What's Right, Always

Because we care and have a collective sense of ownership, our team members strive to do the right thing.
Do What's Right, Always 2021:
Ed Newton, Internal Sales Supervisor

Work Together

#TeamOprema is not just a hashtag. There is a palpable family feel within the company, where we want everyone to feel welcome, to be themselves and to feel a sense of belonging. This culture generates positive working relationships, which translates into a great customer experience.
Work Together 2021:
Hannah Thomas, Internal Sales Executive and Internal Training Coordinator

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